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Daniel’s father has gotten himself killed. A thief and a mercenary, Daniel is now determined to find the treasure his father snatched. Being a Zukar is all he knows and wants for his future. Up until his father’s murder, his father’s faltering loyalties to the Zukar hung heavy as a rift between them.  But now, with his father’s blood on his hands, his time is running out to find his father’s killer, the missing treasure… and to save his world.

He wants to go alone to retrieve his father’s stolen treasure, but he is accompanied by his flight school dropout cousin Faulk, his best friend’s stubborn little sister Jade, and his own younger brother Nickel. Jade is off limits since her brother is his best friend, but unfortunately, Jade’s set on changing his mind.  Daniel just can’t decide if she’s worth the beating he’ll get from his friend in order to have her.

They’re on the run from the king’s officials and an unknown killer. The king desires to kill any Zukar child who is unprotected and will stop at nothing to get them. Who’s more dangerous, Daniel doesn’t know. All he knows is someone is bent on killing him and taking the treasure he thinks his father died foolishly to protect.

Through the islands of Merwin to an unknown planet, they seek to find the treasure that changed his father’s life – all for a price that is too high. To claim the treasure, Daniel will have to test everything he knows and everything he is or will ever be in order to earn the right to save their lives and the home of those he loves.

I have seen the trailer of this book. Although all the drawing in the trailer (also the cover) reminds me of games character, the music is awesome. I enjoy it since the first time I listened.

One question left after reading and watching the book trailer, how is the villain? Will we have any monster in this book? Or this is “just” an adventure to unknown place?

The excerpt that is provided by the LM Preston, the author, can not answer my questions. But it just give more questions to ask. What is up with his father? Why would all those people kill him? What has he done? argggh..I want to read it more but they just give me the first 38 pages.

I hope I can get my own copy soon so I can get the answer.

The language and words choice
there is no difficulty for me to understand. I got many new words though.

I wonder why the designer choose that man as the representative?

You can read the excerpt here


Author: LM Preston
Format: Perfect Paperback, 348 pages
Expected publication: June 1st 2011 by Phenomenal One Press
Language: English


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